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Thank You Notes

Handwritten and personalized thank you notes geared to your guest and the beautiful gift that they have thoughtfully chosen for you.


Millenial brides and brides-to-be: How many have you have the time to write out tedious thank you notes by hand for all of your shower and wedding gifts?


Moms and Moms-to-be: How many of you have time to write out all the cute little thank you notes from your gender reveal party or from your baby showers?


Here is the answer you have been looking for! A service that is our version of "Millenials meets Miss Manners." Those who give gifts, especially Baby-Boomers, EXPECT a handwritten thank you note. 


  • Don't ask guests and gift-givers to write out their own envelopes at your event. You had their address to send them the invitation. You have a social obligation to send a thank you note, and of course you'll bring a smile to their face with your thoughtfulness. 

  • Do you already have a spreadsheet of gifts or a list from your shower? You provide the information, we send the notes. It's that easy!

  • Thank you note writing services also make great gifts for brides and mothers-to-be. 


Write Away Notes will take of writing your personalized thank you notes, stamped, addressed and mailed back to you to be mailed from your home-town post office.  


Afraid some of your guests will recognize that the handwriting is not yours? NO PROBLEM. I will send you the words to write, the card, and the stamped envelope. You just have to copy it in your handwriting!


We have a variety of thank you notes in stock: plain, classic, or a tasteful print. These notes are included in the price. If you have your own notes that you would like to use, send them to us and we'll take care of the rest.



Other Notes Services:


Sympathy cards: Express thanks for the thoughtfulness given. Have the funeral home send the cards directly to me. I will need the names and addresses, and to know if flowers or another gift was given to remember the departed. 


Holiday cards or Party Invitations. Send us your holiday card list and we will take care of addressing and mailing. If you have specific cards you want to use, either send them to us or indicate a web site where they can be ordered.  Price will be adjusted accordingly. 


Business thank you cards. A great way to retain customers and attract new ones is to show how thankful you are for their business.  What better way than to send a handwritten thank you note after a lunch meeting, a seminar, trade show, or a donation drive? Pull all your valuable business contacts together, let us know where you met them, include a few easy details, and we take care of the rest. 

Addressing and assembly:  Send us your invitations and your list, and we'll take care of the rest.